Role of Young Generation in Counter-Terrorism

People nowadays are living in a closed separated box. Everyone seems like do not care about what is happening around. They are too busy searching for the welfare and forget about how to socialize. Career, perfect life, and fame are considered as the best achievement in life. Youth is often become the main spotlight of how life has changed. Yet, Youth is the significant prospect that one country might have. Through some considerations, I saw the paradox between truthful role of youth and what the reality is. Moreover in contending global issue toward terrorism, youth seems to have a lack part in promoting peace in society and are not enthusiastic about this complicated global affair. According to Forst (2009:5) Terrorism is the premeditated and unlawful use of violence against a non-combatant population or target having symbolic significance, with an aim of either inducing political change through intimidation and destabilization or destroying a population identified as an enemy. It defines that terrorism is one the most crucial and complicated global threat that needed to be resolved.  Despite of the threat, most of young men, especially in marginalized country tend to join such candidates. The factor of this radicalization movement was probably stated by Sageman (2004) “That those who feel that society as a whole has the least to offer them are the most likely to join [the terrorist network]”. Young generation is anticipated to take a large part in countering-terrorism and it is quite possible. Based on my view on how to attain the vast estimation, I restrict the points into three aspects those can be considered to be carried out by young generation in countering terrorism.

The first point, youths can give their creative and innovative concepts of view as the source for the diplomats along with peacemakers to create the better and safer society. Youth has fascinating and brilliant ideas built with dazzling productive young mind.  In the present, educated young people are not only considered as the major target, but how they can give their education to others is literally the most considered thing. We need coordinating institution in which they can actively, directly, and continuously share their thoughts to bring safer path for the society. We can create social interaction with the youth and give them the guidance if they are about to encounter the terrorism problem. It is not hard thing to do; because the real youth can energetically participate in social world of interaction to solve the complication. We can form certain teams amongst us to promote living with peace. Some of us may play a part in designing the skyscrapers, paving the roads and creating new technology, some can help the sufferers of an epidemic, while others can give their thoughts to change the world.

Youths can also give their contributions to the society based on what background of field they embrace in. Some of them are the peacemakers, writers, actors, scientists, or just the ordinary students with high dreams and motivations. Youths are one of the biggest affluence in our society and they must be totally utilized. They can promote the peace in society by educating people, being the part of volunteer action, and giving their rational thought to the inhabitants around.  Let us take a look at how many youths trying to make corporation network to the community. They consider that by creating job field for others, the unemployment rate can be reduced. I think that unemployment is a major cause of many youths turn into terrorist. These unemployed begin to take part in any field available for them to support their sustainability, even if it is in radical ways. It brings us the proof of the importance of youth role in creating job field for the society. In addition, the socialization that carried out to the society also plays a large part in counter-terrorism. Most civilization may have lack knowledge about terrorism and here is the part of youth can be to give their knowledge to the society. They can make community sharing, or even hold a regular workshop to make the society aware of the existence of terrorism.

In actualizing the better life, youth is either a booster of the passive community. Passive community that has slight development, has problem with poverty, and maintains a conservative way of thinking may be susceptible to recruit themselves as the terrorists. And here is the role of the youth to prevent the incoming problem. They can activate them by carrying some benefit activities as a dam to stem the influence of terrorism. The activities might be the celebration of religion events, mutual cooperation in maintaining cleanliness, or volunteering group. We have to make a highlight that terrorism is not influenced by what religion that someone might have, but it is considered by what kind of radicalization someone might fall in. It proves that terrorist is not the blame for all the adherents of a religion, but it is an action that launched by some groups of people for specific purpose. Yet, a good approach is necessary tool to blend in society and can be very helpful weapon to convince them about the disadvantage of becoming a terrorist.

As a conclusion, terrorism is a crucial aspect of global threat that needed to be countered. And youth as a prospect of a community may take large a part in many things to solve this problem. They can be the source for diplomats and peacemakers to make a better path for the whole society by giving their thoughts, their dedications, or their hard works. Youths can also give their contributions for life sustainability of the society and perhaps they can become the activators of a passive community that tends to be susceptible with the requirement object of terrorism. On the contrary, some youths sometime misuse their role and ignore the situation around or become careless toward the global issues. Despite of being so influencing, famous, and phenomenal, a youth at least can do an action to make a better world. A world with no more fights, crimes, and hates in no matter what religion we believe, what tribes we are from, what skin color we own, and what nation we become.

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