Prof. Ali Hasmy was born in district of Idi Tunong, March 28, 1914-died on January 18, 1998. During his lifetime, he served as the Governor of Aceh that the 6th term from 1957-1964, Rector of IAIN Ar-Raniry Institute (UIN Ar-Raniry now). Besides Prof. Ali Hasjmy is also known as a scholar, artist, writer, humanist and also as a politician.

This museum and Library was first established by the famous Acehnese journalist, historian, author, 6th Acehnese governor, and the ex-rector of Ar-raniry Islamic University Banda Aceh. It is located in Jenderal Sudirman Street, number 20, lamteumen. Just like another museum, this destination also provides many historical things, award certificates, books, and traditional ancient treasures.

Since it was inaugurated by the Minister of population and environment on January 18, 1991, the museum was visited by the public, student to student from different areas, even there are also students from abroad who come to the museum to find their research material.

This museum consists of four main rooms; Khatukhanan room which contains ancient books in early 20th century, the next room Puteh grandmother cultural heritage, which provides many stores various kinds of cultural heritage Aceh, Khazanah Ali Hasyimi room which offers the personal documents belonging to Prof Ali Hasyimi, and traditional Acehnese technology room which store the Acehnese traditional objects and crafts. There are also six cabinets are lined up neatly in this museum, each of these cabinets there are various types of books neatly arranged, and also a closet that holds plaques of appreciation.

1.      Library
The first room that we are going to explore is the library. The library consists of a hundred books, categorized from many field of study. You can enjoy reading the old Acehnese literature books, old legend, and old Acehnese tales (for instance, “Hikayat Raja PasaI”, and others). Some of the books are written in Arab Jawi language or old Acehnese language style. Even if you attempt to find some books written in French, German, Arabic, or English, you will definitely find in this room. The bookshelf set in neat and offers a lot of choices about what book you want to read; you can find history book, philosophy, theology, medical science, politics, and so on right here.

2.      Traditional Acehnese Technology Room
The next room that you cannot miss to get in is traditional Acehnese technology room which store the Acehnese traditional objects and crafts. This room offers something that perhaps you will not be able to find in other destinations. You can have a deep observation on many old heirloom stuffs, historical weapon, and old transcript.

3.      Khazanah Ali Hajmy room
This room offers many old pictures of Ali Hasyimi family. He had 6 children and 12 grandson. Most of the pictures show the childhood moment of his children and grandson; all of them are placed in the old frames. There are also many old albums represent his journey to many parts of the world and many domestic journeys around Indonesia.
As a senior and famous journalist, he had travelled in many places of the world during his lifetime. Many old pictures feature his journey with his wife to the Eifel tower, Sydney Opera House, Hollywood Universal Studios, and so on. Besides, he also achieved many awards and appreciation from national and international institutions. These awards, mostly are written awards and some others are charters by glass and medals. Next part, he also had old clocks and watches from Seiko. In the corner of the room, you will find an old painted photo of Ali Hasyimi and his wife, they both were in traditional cloth. In the other part, there are many Acehnese traditional and daily clothes of Ali hasyimi hung onto the hangers. You can either smell the classic air of the old books and stuffs in this room.

4.      Khatukhanan room.
This room basically consists of workplace for Ali Hasyimi to work or enjoy reading. This room contains many books written in English, Arabic, and German. You can find the masterpiece work of Shakespeare’s books which are available a lot; there also a lot of award and achievement certificates addressed to Ali Hasyimi.

5.      Nek Puteh Room
This is as one of the best of historical site room at Ali Hasyimi Musium is Nek Puteh room. It is named after Ali Hasyimi’s grandmother who had raised him from his childhood as he was an orphan. This room consists a lot of collection those given by Ali hasyimi’s friends and relatives. Most of the gifts in this room are animal-shaped copper statues like cat, duck, horse and dragon, which are placed in glass cabinet; these are ewers in various shapes and patterns. On one side, there three copper shield hung on the wall and many photographs show Acehnese past war. In the middle of the room, there is a tiger replica about 1 meter tall and 1.5 meter long.

Mesium and ali hasyimi libraries known as mesium and the oldest library in Aceh, but unfortunately, during this society still considers these museums and libraries as repositories of ancient stuff, so there is no attraction to visit museums and libraries. Therefore the concept of the museum must be changed. Museums and libraries are not simply as a storage of objects and old books, but as a place to restore the life of the past.
"So, people come to the museum no longer see large ancient objects, but look at the past,"

But there are still many negative side owned by museums and libraries, including:
         Lack of attention to local governments against the management of the museum and library.
         Recording of the museum's collections are still incomplete because there are still many things that are not yet present on board information
         lack of promotion in the national or regional scale so that there are still many Acehnese or not out of aceh do not know of the existence of the Museum and library locations.
         the lack of regional and national class event at the Museum and the library of the Museum and library so as to make the rare and less on the visit

well, of course the Government of aceh, Office of library and museum Manager Tourism Office must be able to work together to turn on the museum and library in accordance with the context of the times. For example, the concept of a live museum and library, the Manager could turn the story of the past with an audio visual device so as to make the visitors visited museums and libraries.

In conclusion, the Museums and libraries that have been built by Professor Ali Hasyimi, should be developed and maintained by a local government or province of the site because the Museum and the library left a wide range of information and the history of the past become the attraction of the public and overseas travelers to visit or researching on the history that exists in aceh.

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